Let's Change the Game

Because you don't have to fight every battle to win the war.

At HSO Law, we choose our clients carefully because we are more interested in advocating for those who act with integrity than we are in making a profit. At the end of the day, it is this belief system that has allowed us to be as successful as we are, never having lost a case.


More often than not, we will pursue settlement prior to initiating litigation because rarely is litigation in our client's best interest. That being said, when we are forced to litigate in order to protect our client's rights and obtain a fair judgment, we do so with passion and fervor.


This firm has litigation experience on the Plaintiff's side, prosecuting actions involving business torts, breach of contract, fraud, personal injury, negligence, disability discrimination, intentional torts, mortgage fraud and consumer litigation. Heather Orr and her legal team have amassed litigation experience on the Defense side, defending against business torts, breach of contract and fraud.


We don't believe that success in litigation is achieved by fighting every possible battle. Instead, we choose our battles, spending our time and our clients' money on those issues that are most crucial to our clients' success. We differentiate ourselves from other firms in that we do not subscribe to the hampster-wheel litigation practice involving motion after motion that fail to advance our clients' interest or move the case towards our clients' desired destination.

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