Pre-litigation Negotiation

Most law firms that handle cases on a contingency fee charge the same fee regardless of whether the case settles right away or goes all the way to trial.  The standard contingency fee runs from 33% to 40%.  (If a law firm demands more than 40%, you should proceed with caution as it is well above industry-standard and rests in the gray area of what is considered ethical by the bar association.)   


At HSO Law, we don't believe that we should get paid the same amount for a case that we settle within a month as a case that we take to trial over a two-year period.


As such, for cases involving a dispute of $20,000 or more, we will attempt to resolve that matter for a 25% contingency fee. At this time we are no longer litigating cases on a contingency fee basis and therefore if settlement attemtps fail, HSO Law will need to be retained on an hourly basis to litigate the case.


We aim to offer reasonable prices that accurately reflect the amount of work and expertise that we invest in your case so that you can seek legal counsel that otherwise might exceed the constraints of your budget.

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