Small Claims Strategy Sessions and Small Claims Appeals

Any case in California involving a dispute of $10,000 or less must be filed in small claims court. You are not permitted to have an attorney represent you in small claims court but you can seek the advice of an attorney in preparation for your case.


We have assited numerous clients with the preparation of their small claims action. In our most recent case, we advised our client on what evidence to bring, what witnesses to call and how to organize their documents and their arguments.  Our client succesfully recovered the entirety of the damages that she sought, an amount exceeding $5,000.


Generally, you will need a 30 minute consult before filing your case or filing your answer (if you are a defendant). Then, you will need another 30 minute consult prior to attending the hearing.  The second consult is the most important.


We offer these consults at the combined price of $250.


We will represent you in a small claims appeal, in which you're permitted to be represented by counsel, for a $1500 flat fee.

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