Let's Change the Game

Because truth is not relative.

The Best of Both Worlds

At HSO Law, we offer the experience and expertise of a big law firm but with the reasonable fees and personal attention of a small firm.  Heather Orr, the founder of HSO Law, attended one of the nation’s top law schools and was trained at one of the 40 largest law firms in the country.  Learning from the strengths and the weaknesses of a big law firm, Heather set out to start a practice that offered her clients a reasonably priced alternative to the big law firm business model without sacrificing the excellence, professionalism and hard work that has made those firms successful.

We seek to keep our overhead as low as possible so as to pass on the savings to our clients, making it economically feasible for our clients to bring us even their smallest problems without worrying about receiving an exorbitant legal bill.

Diversity of Experience
The attorneys at HSO Law maintain an atypically diverse practice in a legal world that incentivizes attorneys to specialize at an early stage in their career.  As a result, we are not only well-equipped to handle complicated cases which involve a wide array of legal issues, but we also well-resourced to satisfy our clients’ transactional needs.  

Our Clients are our Most Valued Asset
At HSO Law, we recognize that we are only as successful as our clients allow us to be.  We do not take the attorney-client relationship lightly but instead seek to provide the utmost in customer service.  We want to be your counsel in every matter for which we can provide assistance.  


HSO Law is a law firm with values.   Our values manifest themselves in our steadfast dedication and loyalty to our clients, our strong work ethic and our belief that we have a social and moral obligation have a positive net impact on our community and on our earth.  Feel free to contact us and ask about our green practices.



We love what we do.  This law practice represents the culmination of Heather Orr's passion for the practice of law.  We are firm believers in the adage ‘Do what you love and you will love what you do.’  Simply put: there is nothing that we would rather be doing than advocating on behalf of our clients.

Now in two locations!



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