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At HSO Law, we know from first-hand experience that you don't have to outspend or outman the competition to prevail, whether it be in the courtroom or in the marketplace.  We believe that the businesses on Main Street should have access to the high-quality legal services formerly available only on Wall Street.

HSO Law was built to maximize efficiency because our attorneys maintain a practice that includes both transactional work and litigation.  As a result, they bring to the table the invaluable experience of having both drafted numerous contracts and litigated a multitude of contractual disputes.  

The legal team at HSO Law has a wide breadth of experience in a variety of areas including: commercial litigation, contractual disputes, business tort litigation, arbitration, consumer protection litigation, mortgage fraud litigation, franchise litigation, corporate document preparation, business formation, drafting and negotiation of contracts and the provision of general business advice.  


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